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Fun Factory Fun Cup – Kit (A+B)


Size A Diameter: 4cm
Size A Length: 5.3cm
Size A: 20ml
Size B Diameter: 4.3cm
Size B Length: 5.8cm
Size B: 30ml
Washable and Reusable
2 x cups per pack (1 x A cup & 1 x B cup)
Antimicrobial bag
Foreplay friendly
Good for: women who dont know what size they should choose or want one cup for lighter days and one for heavy days.
Please be aware that the FUN CUPs colour may change with sustained use. Body fluids can affect colour over time, especially blood, as it is rich in iron. If you notice a difference, there is nothing wrong with your cup. It is just your body doing its thing.

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Save time, money, and mental energy with a cup you can leave in safely all day! The silicone Fun Cup sits in your vagina comfortably and unnoticeably, leaving you free to go about your life and have more Fun.


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